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Make Her Miss You: How To Make Your Crush Chase You Forever

If you want to be a memorable man in the life of your partner or for the woman you like, make her look for you more, be aware of you, love you and give you the best of herself, you need to follow our advice. You may think that she is already giving you all the attention you want and deserve, but you can always achieve more. It is not only about looking for you and being there to please you in everything, but that their attention and interest are real. You can make her fall in love with you and start to miss the great man that you are. What you can do to make her look for you and think more of you

1. Don't Be 100% Available.

That is, do not immediately answer her messages and call, let her wait a bit and let her realize that you have priorities in your life. Yes, she is important and wants to be by her side, but she has not yet earned the honor of being your number one priority.

Knowing that you are not there all the time for her, she will want to make an effort to be more present in your life. Be careful, it's about making her wait a bit and not completely ignoring her or answering after a week.

2. Details Count For A Lot.

Everyone loves to receive details and more when they pay attention to interests. For this reason, it is important that you give him important details. That is, it is not about expensive or luxurious gifts, but about you worrying about her day to day, making her laugh when she has a bad day, send her a meme that reminds her of a local joke among you or send her the link of one song that reminds you of her.

Yes, it is also worth giving him something, if you want it that way. The point is that you show her that she is not the only one who cares and gives details.

3. Be Their Ally.

It is important that, if you want her to look for you, think of you and love you more, you must be a confidant who supports her in difficult times. We all need someone to trust and to ask for advice in difficult times. If you learn to listen to her and support her whenever she needs it, you will become someone very special to her.

Be careful, it is important that you be his confidante or ally, being his best friend is not the best idea. Follow us on our social networks: Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. If you want to know if your relationship is on the right track, we will give you some references to confirm that your partner is worth gold because he does not have immature behaviors.

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