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Meet Rockson, The First Date Rush Contestant To Be Rejected Six Times In A Row

In life, we usually don't get everything that we wish for. At times, it takes patience to reach your target.

Irrespective of the outcome of events, we still have to keep trying till we are successful.

This is the story of one young man who has become a regular participant of the date rush variety show.

The guy I am talking about is called 'Rockson'. He is one of the most courteous participants on the show, and is usually identified by a different look because of his hairstyle.

In the 7th episode of the recent date rush program, he was part of the ten guys who came to search a date.

After the first section of the show, he was rejected by the lady who came to search for a partner.

The disappointment he experienced wasn't something he could handle alone.

He had to shed a bit of 'crocodile' tears to express his emotions.

After the incident, he was questioned by Giovanni on why he has been getting so many rejections of late.

In response to Giovanni's question, he indicated that he feels his hairstyle is one reason why he has been disappointed for so long, so he will try to shave it off to see if he gets a date next time.

After his answer, Giovanni made a factual disclosure which came as a very big surprise to me.

He said it point-blank that, the current situation means he has been rejected on six consecutive occasions. (fast-forward 53:59-54:10)

How on earth can this happen to a good-looking guy like him?

Is it because he usually faces stronger competitors anytime he gets close to getting a date?

In my opinion, I feel his frequent 'bounce' is based on his inability to get into an easier contest whenever he appears on the show.

Whatever the case may be, we pray he finds a partner before the season ends.

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