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Ghanaian Man Gets Married To Another Man As A Gay Couple

It hasn't been long since matters about the LGBTQ community kept rising in all parts of the world, with majority of the countries accepting them, while Ghana still stands firm on its decision to not accept their free actions in the country.

Photos of the LGBTQ membershave started poping up from the foreign nations that accepts them, and it seems they are quite happy. Because Ghana and some African countries will not accept its own citizens who are gay or lesbians, they have started flying to reside in the nations that they will be able to live happily.

And now, wedding photos of a Ghanaian male, whose name is still not known, have popped up on the internet , with his white gay husband. In the photos, the man, with full vim and courage, put on a bright "kente" cloth with his husband in a whit african cloth. They also had necklaces, made of Ghanaian beads.

They also kissed in a photo to show the love and affection they have in their relationship. What has gotten into the youth of this generation that they will want to marry people of their own gender? How will they even give birth to broaden their family?

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