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Wedding planning scene

Word of advice: Why borrowing money for wedding is a recipe for chaos.

Imagine a couple borrows over thousands of Cedis to finance their wedding expecting that they would recover the money on their wedding day but their expectation was totally cut off. Ever since then, she and her husband have been running from pillar to post to settle their debtors and this is really affecting the peace of the marriage. They cry, argue, quarrel everyday and blaming each other for borrowing for their wedding.

Dear Single, If It Is coke and biscuits you can afford on your Wedding Day, Trust Me, We'll Eat With Love and Still Present You Our Beautiful Gifts. What matters Is The Success Of Your Marriage. If you borrow for wedding, will you borrow to sustain your marriage? Borrowing to finance your wedding is one of the biggest financial mistakes a couple can make.

Stop postponing Your Wedding Day Because Your want a Big Wedding. No One Has Ever Received An Award For Best Wedding. Don't kill Yourself with Unnecessary Expenses.

So many couples in their desperation to have a perfect wedding will go to any length, even incur debt. Do not borrow to marry.

There is nothing worse than starting off your married life with debt. When planning for your wedding, avoid aiming at impressing people, make your wedding simple and beautiful and avoid irrational expenses. 

Cut off all unnecessary expenses and transfer to your investment. Never borrow money to finance your wedding. Wedding is a maximum of two days while marriage is till death do you part. If you don't have much, do your Traditional Wedding, invite Your Pastor To Bless The Marriage and quietly Take Your Beloved wife home you are married.

Cake is not a must if you can not afford it. I have never seen a marriage that breaks because the cakes they bake for the wedding was not big enough.

Wedding gown or suit can be rented and reception is not compulsory. Its not the cake or your beautiful wedding gown that determines the success of your marriage! Cake can be big, wedding gown maybe large and marriage can still be damaged.

Wedding is just for a day while marriage is for a life time. Do not use a day to destroy your lifetime. Never lay the foundation of your home on debt. It is foolishness.

Even if you have the money and able to spend millions of dollars on your wedding, why don't you plan for the future and invest the money or try to build your own house instead of wasting money on a ceremony that will last for few hours. Be wise.

Never be extravagant, remember that what happens after the eating, dancing and merriment on your wedding is your own load to bear as a couple. Spend below your means. Avoid show off. Don't seek to impress.

May the Lord give you more understanding in Jesus name

Thanks for reading. God bless you.

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