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Making your relationship a priority.

How many times do you tell people that you are too busy to be with them? The fact is that you are busy doing things that are important and your priorities.

People who love you truly don’t need anything from you except your presence and time. When they see you doing everything else but not spending time with them, they start to feel unimportant. They start to feel as an option available to you whenever you need them. This can be very hurtful and heartbreaking.

Our work and relationships both are important because without balancing each other, we cannot perform well. If you look at your day, you will find that there are many activities you do, that are not needed and just consume lot of your time. Try to identify and eliminate such activities so you can replace with those that make our day productive.

Don’t ignore your loved ones and try to balance your life.

When you try to give priority to your loved ones, you will find time for them.

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