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Is our ego stopping us from apologizing?

Is our ego stopping us from apologising? Think again if it is worth losing a person over an ego that never brings anything but only make you lose.

No one can make the right choice or decision every time in their life. Sometimes even with our best intention, we make wrong decision that can hurt our loved ones.

When a person is hurt, they need to be healed. Apology helps to heal because it makes that person feel that you understand their pain. When a person feels that you are unapologetic, it breaks them even more. Apology can be hard especially for those who feel that it will hurt their ego but apologising doesn’t make you any less than anyone. You should feel right in your heart and if it is your mistake, make effort to apologise as that's the right thing to do.

Never step away from apology if you are wrong. However hard it may seem, apologising takes only a short time but if you lose the person, you will regret for your entire life.

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