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Tips To Make You Last Long In Bed

In this article I will be giving you the secrets to bed success. Haha, yes, the secrets to bed success!

Do you also know once a woman is satisfied with her man in bed, it is very difficult for her to leave you regardless of your financial status?

There was this phrase from a popular Ghanaian, Uncle Ebo, "give a woman money but don't satisfy her in bed, she'll take your money and give it to another man that does".

I will be revealing one of the secrets to you in this article but don't forget to follow and share for more articles on more tips.

And today I will be talking to you guys about date. Date is a popular fruit from North Asia and is known among Muslims during their Ramadan fasting period, normally to break their fast.

Muslims take dates exactly after breaking fast because it helps regain lost energy.

Even though not scientifically proven, dates are very effective in the longevity of men.

However, in order to achieve success,you must take at least 3 of the fruits daily and May differ from person to person depending on their calories level.

Dates are very good for male and female and can be used as a desert after meals.

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Ghanaian Uncle Ebo


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