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[OPINION]: Dating Ladies In Accra Is Expensive Than Buying A Car In Kumasi

Many people consider dating to be an investment, and it has become the norm in society. Women find it absurd to help their husbands financially, so the status quo is that men meet the financial need. Even if the man does not make a lot of money, he must provide for his girlfriend or risk losing her. Girls' demands in the city have evolved from babysitting to asking for Range Rover items.

You must have a pricey product item to present to the woman, or you must pack your belongings and leave the city to find another girl. Unfortunately, abandoning your girl is no longer news because someone will be waiting to shower her with gifts if you leave.

Ladies in Accra do not value the 200 cedis note or the 300 cedis note. No matter how much you want to give, it must be more than 500 cedis. She expects you to take her out to dinner almost every day and to send her money for her necessities almost every week. If taking her out to dinner costs 120 cedis on average per day, depending on where you go, that's 3,600 cedis for the month. You're looking at over 200 Cedis in dinner bills alone if she brought a few friends to prove her social standing with them.

Have you considered adding the cost of transportation to the $3,600 a month that the two of you spend on dinner? Let's say you want to save money and use uber. Uber charges an average of 5 cedis for a five-minute drive, so if you're going a long way and expect traffic to add to the cost, you're looking at an average of 20 Cedis for the ride. You should be able to get 600 Cedis per month if you multiply 20 by 30 days. When you add that to the $3,600, you're looking at a monthly bill of $4,200 just for taking your girl out.

If you spend $4,200 a month on food alone with your date, you'll spend $50,400 over a year. You have spent more than 50,000 cedis in just 12 months. Tell me which car you couldn't get in Kumasi for that money. With that kind of money, you can't afford a KIA Picanto car or pickup, or a Toyota Corolla.

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