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True Story: I'm In Love With My Cousin And Can't Let Him Go - Nima Lady Zainab Cries Out For Advice

True Story: I'm In Love With My Cousin And Can't Let Him Go - Nima Lady Zainab Cries Out For Advice.

 Hello, My name is Zainab, I’m from the Northern part of Ghana but currently reside at Nima, Accra. I have an unhealthy attraction towards my cousin and now I can’t let him go. I have become addicted to how I feel around him. This is my story. Here’s how it all started; 

I’m only sharing this with you because I think it might be very helpful to someone else. You can judge me, criticize me and insult me if you like.

My story began on the 21st of May 2012. Just a few days after my graduation from high school. My cousin, Karim decided to celebrate me for sailing through the storms of high school.

Karim was a level 200 student of the UDS, very masculine, 6 feet tall, handsome, energetic, and a pure African man that any girl would love to have in bed.

What Karim didn’t know was that I’ve been crushing on him since I was 16 years old.

I was 19 years old after high school and Karim was just about 24 years old.

However, I was still “untouched” even though I was regarded as one of the stubborn chicks in high school. I did everything “a boy and a girl would do in high school” except the actual thing.

Now back to Karim, I didn’t know if Karim had a thing for me too but I was a beautiful young lady. My curves and every part of my body are proportionally enormous. A guy would be insane to turn me down if I want him.

Back in high school, I always saw guys going gaga over me but with Karim, I couldn’t tell.

I couldn’t tell whether all the care he showered on me was just sibling love or had a different meaning underneath.

I decided to find out, I decided to be sure. On the afternoon of 21st May, Karim pick me up on his motorcycle to go celebrate at Opbus Pub, he knew how much I loved the place.

When we got there, a couple of my friends and his friends were already present. I knew then and then that this was going to be a very eventful day.

We danced, drunk, ate, and had great fun before we realized it was already 11 pm and we had to wrap up.

But some of my friends got acquainted with Karim’s mates and one can tell just by looking at us that there was going to be a lot of action among us.

Watching my friends doing all that “fun” stuff with Karim’s mates got me in the mood. I was ready downtown just by staring at my friend's “watery activities” and with a little drop of alcohol in my system I gathered the vim to move to Karim.

After I confessed my feelings to him;

He simply looked at me strangely, kiss my forehead, and held my hands towards his motorcycle. He brought me home without saying a word and it has been a month since I saw him. I know it's bad and not usual but the truth is, I'm in love with my cousin and I need help to get over him.

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