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26 Years After This Twin Sisters Were Born With Totally Different Looks, See How Grown They Are Now

To get married is part of the enjoyment people experience in life, but bearing children is the most beautiful thing that brings joy to couples and can even strengthen the relationship further. Children are part of the most powerful assets in any relationship, they tighten the bond between a husband and wife, and the importance of having children cannot be overemphasised or overlooked.

Some people go for a pregnancy scan to know how many babies they will conceive, and also to know the gender of the baby. Although scientists are able to see this most of the time, but in some cases they will see only a child in their womb, but at the time of birth the woman will give birth to two children. God is truly wonderful, and he does anything he likes whenever he wants without anybody being able to question his authority. We have also seen cases of scientists telling women after a scan the gender of their baby, but at the time of birth some women give birth to another gender different from what they said.

In most cases, most twins often have glaring resemblance, in fact, some of them are so difficult to differentiate from each other. The birth of twins who are different in their looks is not very common, not to talk of the twins who were born with different hair and different skin colors. There are two strange twins who were born with different skin colors and different hair colors too. Lucy Aylmer is the one who has the straight white hair, while Maria Aylmer is the one with the unique black hair.

Pictures of them when they were young:

They were both given birth to 1997, they really look as if they were born by different mothers because of their different skin colors. As they grow old and become more matured, the difference in their skin color is becoming more obvious to people who cannot stop wondering why twins from the same mother would look totally different.

Their current picture and what they look like right now:

Both of them now grow up and are looking more beautiful and adorable. Lucy's white hair makes her look like a real white woman while Maria's black hair makes her look like a Black-American woman. The most important thing is that they have managed to love each other just as other identical twins do, they wear matching outfits in public and do almost every other thing together.

Do you prefer identical twins to them? Your opinion is important to us.

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