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FOR WOMEN: Do Not Allow Your Man To Finger You For This Is What It Can Cause You. Do Not Be Deceived

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Most partners try their possible best to have an enjoyable intimacy free of any pregnant related issues. This type of intimacy takes the form of oral sex, fingering and other forms. All these forms of intimacy have effects like the normal one does despite they are not of a higher possibility.

Fingering involves the act of the man or lady herself inserting one’s finger into her womanhood for erotic purposes. This form of intimacy is reliable way since it does not result in pregnancy hence giving it a rise in practice. I will want to share with you some disadvantages this act tends to pose on the individual despite is great advantage.

1 Possible Transfer Of STI’s:

The finger is a part of the body where skin cuts are normally not felt until a reaction with a detergent or irritating product. Therefore this creates a channel for transfer of these pathogens and virus from her womanhood into your system for which you have no knowledge of. Likewise he also being able to transfer his viruses and pathogens from his finger through your womanhood into your system.

2 Irritations and Surrounding Tissue Reddening:

The finger is not as smooth as the male reproductive organ hence could cause a damage to surrounding tissues. Finger nails are also capable of leaving cuts and bruises which wen bot treated results in bacteria infections and others which can prove fatal if not identified and treated early.

3 Bleeding:

As a result of lack of lubrication, greater friction produced in the process can stimulate bleeding from the walls of he womanhood and this can cause her a lot of not taken care of.

I hope this article has helped you make a good decision to desist from this act considering it side effects.

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