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Elizato-Before you say there are no good men just make sure you are good woman.

Welcome and thank you for clicking on this article. Hope by the grace of God you are feeling good and happy?. Elizato keeps on dropping the fire for us to listen and take his advice. Elizato is blessed with wisdom that why he is one of Ghana's greatest philosophers. Elizato said, "Before you say there are no good men just make sure you are a good woman". He continued by saying because most times you attract the lifestyle you live.

Nowadays women complained about men a lot. There will be saying all men are the same and there are no good men. Your lifestyle will attract the type or kind of men you get. Some men are good but the way you dress yourself up will attract the type of man who wants to be with you. let say if you dress badly and you live a bad lifestyle no good man is willing to come. The bad ones will see you be a bad girl and they will approach you. The good man always likes to see someone who lives a good lifestyle and is also very decent. Remember the type of lifestyle you live will also attract the same type of men.

A lot of people have shared humble opinions and suggestions and they agreed with him. Through the comment that was made by the men, they said they always look at the lifestyle of women before they approach them. After that when they are in a relationship with them they studied them to see their real lifestyle. When a man sees the real lifestyle of a woman and he doesn't like it, he will leave her. This time around they want a peaceful relationship and they don't want any stress. Live a good lifestyle to avoid saying all men are the same or they are no good men. Your lifestyle attracts the type of man you will get in your life and so live a good lifestyle.

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