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Woman Recalls How She Found Her Husband Sleeping With His Ex-Girlfriend After She Went To Visit Him

Faustina Serwaa from Agona-Brakaso went to stay with her sister at Abroman years ago. She met Yaw Annor and dated him for some time. The woman said Yaw even rent a room for her before they got married. Two years later, her mother-in-law who was staying outside the country came back to Ghana and came to stay with them.

The woman added that her mother-in-law started maltreating her because she claims that she is not in support of their marriage. Faustina said she went back to her parent's house when she got pregnant but she got information that, her husband has reconcile with his ex-girlfriend and they are staying together in their house.

She too paid him a surprise visit but she caught her husband sleeping with her ex-girlfriend on their matrimonial bed. She didn't take any action but quietly went back home. The following day the man got an accident but he didn't inform her about what happened to him, it was his ex-girlfriend who took of him when he was admitted to the hospital.

She too got furious and went to fight with the ex-girlfriend. Faustina said her husband was advised to sack his ex-girlfriend out of the house but Yaw Annor continued to stay in the same room with the ex. The woman added that she stayed in her parent's house till she gave birth.

A few months later, Yaw Annor came to plead with her to accept him back, Faustina said due to the child they had, she accepted him and they live happily again, the man used to visit her during the weekdays before he goes back to his ex-girlfriend.

One day Yaw Annor came to inform her that he wants to legally marry his ex-girlfriend. He convinced her that he will compensate her but she didn't accept it. She boldly told him that she will not allow the marriage to take place, but the man is busy making preparation to get married to his ex-girlfriend. Faustina says she has now realized that her husband can't help her in life so she has decided to divorce him and move on with her life.

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