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Fear Women, The Air Conditioner Was On But I Was Sweating- Heartbroken Man Cries In Viral Video

Since time immemorial, humans have continuously asked why both men and women deceive each other or cheat on their partners, and it seems no one has been able to answered that. The rate at which people get heartbroken everyday in this country is really disheartening.

A viral video of a gentleman is currently circulating everywhere on social media and this man was very heartbroken and was inwardly crying and hurt as well.

According to him in the video, he was in a relationship with a girl who was in SHS 1 by then. He loved her and took care of her because her parents were not able to take care of her.

He revealed that, he practically took care of her in SHS and even in a nursing college and he was able to do all that because he was rich by then.

He also revealed that, "On a particular day my girlfriend paid her a visit and immediately she entered she fell on the bed and slept very deep. In no time her phone started ringing but she couldn't pick because she was deep asleep. The phone belled for about thirty times then I decided to pick the call. I picked the call and immediately I heard a makes voice saying why didn't you take the drug ? You always forget to take it after we sleep together."

He went ahead to say that, "I started sweating profusely even though the air conditioner was on, Fear Women".

He ended it by saying that, he broke up with her because he couldn't continue it again but currently he met her and she started begging to take her. She was with two kids, one on her back and the other standing besides her. After everything he gave her money before leaving. He said, ever since that day she has been calling him every day.

Below is the link to the viral video.

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