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My Husband Demands To Go In Bed With You For One Night, Please Agree For Him

Love is very great and love has changed the life of many people in the world. Love is like the surgeons knife, it cuts and sews the fabric of human society.

Today I have bring to your door step a touching and funny story that is trending on social media. The whole story is that, The woman sharing the story said that, her friend came to tell her that her husband has been mentioning her name always, and she thinks her husband is interested in her. So she is pleading with her to spend one night with her husband.

The matter was very strange to the woman, so she took the issue to a radio station for advice. 

One of the advice that was given to her was that, it may be that the man has a sickness, and her friend wants her to also contract such disease. Again her friend does not love her husband, because there is no way someone may giver her fiancee out for another woman to enjoy, Not even talking of husband.

So does it mean that the lady has a tangible reason for asking her friend to go in bed with her husband?

Empress shared her experience saying she has also gone through such a trial before and she rejected the proposal. But she later concluded that, such thiy mostly happens if the married woman does not want her husband to go and mingle with outsiders and bring sickness to her, so she herself will intend to find a fiancee for the husband.

Again the presenter suggested that will it be that the married woman is seeing someone else or has a fiancee, thats why she is looking for one for her husband? 

My fellow readers, this question is mind blowing and it's a daily problem we have been facing and hearing in our community, please let's share our views on this issue.

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