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What Shows You’re with a Good Friend But not a Bad One?

Friendship takes two. In order for it to work, both parties involved must be committed. You might be dedicated and proven yourself as a good friend to those you see as your friends, but have you sat down to consider those who refer to you as their friend?. You can say it’s not your fault that they see you as their friend but you don’t. One thing you should know is that, your actions affects them more than you think of. People sometimes see friendships as a waste of time that can be used for something profitable, which is definitely not true.

Friendships have a great impact on your happiness as well as your mental health. There is therefore a necessity for one to have friends.

Things that shows you’re with a good friend

1. Your friend is genuine if he/ she shows interest in what goes on in your life.

2. Love you as you are without excluding your flaws. 

3. Listen to you without judging your decisions or way of life.

4. Opens up to you about themselves.

You should also realize the fact that, not everyone is going to like you or reciprocate your friendship.

If someone pushes you away, it doesn’t make you worthless or unloved. Sooner or later you’re going to meet someone who will accept you as who you are.

How to be a better friend and also keep your friends for as long as you want

1. Be the kind of friend you would like to have .

2. Listen to your friends even if they nag a lot. 

3. You should learn to give your friends space to have some alone time to themselves.

4. Learn to forgive when we’re wronged by our friends.

We should learn to be there for our friends and those who are not. Sometimes, they just need you to listen or hear your voice. Your small advice and consoling can prevent someone from taking his/her life or prevent some bad decisions.

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