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Date rush: What do women want in a guy?

Welcome to another interesting article on your favorite show Date rush hosted by our ever cheerful Giovanni. They usually come on stage with a dance so Giovanni graced the stage in a like manner giving out some tantalizing dance moves. He looked cheerful as always.

The ladies on the panel today we're Gloria, Joana, Maria, Fatima, Cindy, Kadijah, Ruth, Aku Sika, Bibi, and Cilla. Our ladies came in pairs dancing to the tune being played. One notable incident was how Fatima came on stage today. It was an eye saw. She danced to point of giving some backflips and rolling on the ground. The stage was lightened with merrymaking as the ladies stood in front of their rushes.

Giovanni spoke to the ladies. He mentions the names of some of the ladies who have not gotten their date despite the time they have spent on the show. Specifically, they mentioned Ruth and funnily said Ruth has been on the show since 1957.

Giovanni now asked the Ladies what men want in a lady. Let's see their responses below.

Fatimah: Men want a confident and independent lady.

Kadijah: Men want to be in a place where they feel secured therefore they want their women to make them feel that way.

Aku Sika: Men want God-fearing women; some who make them feel secure; and a good cook.

Ruth: Men want some to who shows love and care and also Good fearing.

Bibi: Men want honest or truthful, God-fearing, and someone who makes them feel secured.

Cilla: Men want a woman who gives them peace of mind, discipline, and understanding woman.

Joanna: Men want Hardworking, God-fearing, good cook, and also good in bed.

Gloria: Many men do not know what they want but the ones that know usually want a sumissive woman and a good communicator.

Giovanni summed it all up by saying that the needs of men vary but never mess with a man's peace of mind.

Now the question goes to all my readers. What do you think? Leave your comments.

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