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Divorce Affair

She sliced my throat and cheated but we still live together because of marriage vows- Man recounts

"I take you to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us apart."

This is a famous recitation heard at every nuptial which the bridegroom and bride are required to say to make the marriage official. These words constitute the vow to assure each other that, regardless of the circumstances they face in their marriage, they would continue to remain faithful to themselves. These words are quite serious but sadly, it has become a mere recitation in contemporary times, and couples refuse to remember and heed in times of adversities in marriages.

We live in an era a bridegroom and a bride take this vow and in the next minute one is filling for a divorce. However one of the typical abiders of this vow is a man identified on twitter as @MulhollandLover and her wife, who still live as couples despite the host of problems that have ensued in their marriage. According to the said man, he cheated on his wife twice and accidentally killed her pet. He also stated how her wife got impregnated by their marriage counselor and at a point, had his throat sliced during a fight with her wife, but they still leave together by virtue of the vow they took. Some of the reader's of his post doubted his revelation but he went ahead of show frightening scars on his throat to justify. Have a look at how he recounted his ordeals.

Genuinely, I doubt if there are many couples out there, who can continue living together should they encountered this problem, just because they took a vow. Infact some marriage counselors even advise people in abusive marriages to separate or divorce, but in the case of @MulhollandLover, divorce or separation was still not an option when he had a close encounter with death. 

Meanwhile marriage expects say commitment, Love and respect forms the bedrock of every good marriage. Thus once there is commitment, each partner would do his part to make the marriage last. When there is mutual love, each partner puts the other first in everything unconditionally. Mutual respect would make partners accept and admire their differences. 

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