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Master Caught His Apprentice Making Out With The Girlfriend And This Was What He Did To Him

Wonders shall never end In this world. A man caught the girlfriend making out with his apprentice. This unbelievable, to sleep with your master's girlfriend. It takes the courage and bravery of that of a lion to sleep with your master's girlfriend. The boss was someone who has always been busy at work and traveling here and there. He realized that the behavior of the girlfriend has suddenly change since he took his apprentice. He got the hint that, the apprentice and the girlfriend have been having affair. They have both been making out. He did not take that serious because he taught the girlfriend was very faithful to him. He taught because he has always been busy that has been the reason of girlfriend frowning her face.

He later found out that the girlfriend's phone contains his apprentice number of which he has not given that number to the girl. He decided to find out himself. One day he told the girlfriend he was traveling as usual not knowing he was lying. He went to hide one of the friend's house and was monitoring who comes in the house and who goes out. After some time he realized the apprentice has come to the house. He then decided to catch both of them. After some minutes he went to his house only to find the apprentice and the girlfriend in bed. He video the girlfriend and secretary in his room making out. He took belt and beat the hell out of his apprentice. Other friend's also joined him to beat the apprentice. The apprentice begged but they turned deaf ears and continued to beat him until he was weak.

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