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Wedding Photos Of A Beautiful Young Girl Who Got Married To A Dog.

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A beautiful young girl from the Eastern part of India did the unthinkable thing that many people found very difficult to believe.

The young girl whose name is identified as "Mangli Mundi" got the whole world shocked after she decided to get married to a dog in their community.

According to reliable sources, Mangli Mundi didn't just marry the dog for fun, but she did because of a tangible reason that could not be left out. She married the dog because, the traditional priest in their community told her that she was possessed by an evil spirit inside her body, so it should be chased out before it causes any danger in her future marriage.

In accordance with their culture and tradition, any woman who is possessed with an evil spirit should be taken through some ritual processes before it could be chased out

She was therefore required by the priest to get married to a dog in order to chase away the evil and become clean again.

The occasion was rightly performed like any other wedding would be performed. The people in the family and the community all gathered to witnessed the tying of the knot. The dog (supposed groom) was brought to the occasion and the priest initiated their union and declared them as husband and wife.

According to the priest, this practice is always done to women who are possessed with evil spirits if not her future husband shall befall a dangerous disease and die.

Below are the wedding pictures of the weird couple;

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