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"Become The Choice Of Many" - 3 Friendship Killers You Must Avoid Immediately

Having a very good and faithful friend is one thing that most people admire but it is very difficult to come by such people. You would get a friend who you might think would be faithful to you but later broke their promise. You can actually become a faithful and caring friend if you are able to do away with some bad behaviours. Thank God there are some good friends out there who would help you climb the ladder but the problem is, they are very rare. Here are 3 friendship killers you must avoid.

1. Gossips

This is one of the friendship killer traits you have to avoid immediately if you want to have a life full of bliss and happiness. This mischievous art of talking about people affairs which does not concern you has led to the collapse and breakdown of many relationships and even marriage. You shouldn't give yourself the chance to be used by this trait because it becomes deadly in some cases.

2. Unforgiveness

Many people out there finds it very difficult to forgive others. Don't let this serves as a blockade to higher altitude. Don't be a prison of your past. You become a prisoner of your own self if you refuse to have the heart to forgive others. Don't let pride take you away.

3. Selfishness

You become the icon of many of you are so down to earth but you become the haters of many if you let selfishness become your daily meal. You can never go far in life if you are very selfish. You cannot expect to keep the companies of others whiles you are concerned about your own self.

Be vigilant, don't let this small killer traits of the enemy become your daily meal. Be positive in everything you do.

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