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Why should mothers be dependent on their sons?

It is has been proven that child bearing and raising are not easy in our part of the world. When a woman marries and she is unable to conceive, she will go all length just to have a baby.

But what is the intent of this woman going from one place to the other just to have a baby. Is it that in the long run she will make the baby who is now grown an automatic telling machine( ATM). If your reason for the need to have a child is that in the future he she will take care of you then your thinking is wrong.

If your child is able to succeed in life then you may benefit from him, but where your child is struggling and you the parent is also adding your problems to that of your child then that is suffocating enough.

The first priority of a man when he marries is the wife and not his mother. But it is turning out to be that mothers rather want to occupy the first spot in the lifes of their children. Mother, where is your husband, your son has a responsibility to his wife and not you. You want the attention of your husband and that of your son, how greedy can you be. Your son cannot ignore you when he is successful so your duty is to pray for your son but not to always demand from him.

One thing parents fail to realize is that their refusal to stay away from their sons marriage has been the cause of many problems in our marriages. The day my wife saw on my phone that I have sent ghc 1500 to my mother, everything changed in our matrimonial home. As am trying to fix these issues a phone will ring and it will be my mother.

I did not want to paint my wife bad to my family by telling my mother her calls is creating problems for me and my wife. I wished she stopped calling me all the time but how was I to put it without her sensing am saying this because of wife. Mothers try and stay away from your sons when they get married for you are creating more problems for them.

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