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A pastor's wife Locked down church after she finds out her husband is dating a girl in the church.

Thank you for clicking on this page once again I pray that we will stay intact always and bring the truth always. Let's help share like and comments for others to also hear about it. Let's get to the news itself.

It was one afternoon when it was reported that, a lady went and locked up her husband's church because she find out that the husband has married the church organist wife.

The lady did some investigations because of someone movement that was going on between the pastor and the said organist wife.

During the investigation, she finds out that the husband who is the pastor has been sneaking out with the lady. They go out and meet at joints. So one day, a member saw them and called the woman to report the pastor to them but as at that time the lady was not around so she couldn't make it to see them.

But she decided to do through investigation . She went to the spots where they were seen to ask and it was said that yes they came to pass around.

So 1 weekdays service was going on, when the lady just went straight into the church room when prayer was going on and decided to dismantle everything, in fact everything on the pulpit out of the room and was raining insults on the man of God.

So the neighbours around came to watch what was going on so after she finished packing up everything out of the room she told the man of God to come out for her to lock the door and immediately the man came out and she locked the door with padlock and was raining curses on the man of God, but the man of God didn't said anything but just went away so the lady said she will deal with the organists wife too.

This cheating thing has been going on for some time now I think it is about time we put a stop to it let's bring them out when we see some things like this so that it will be stored thank you for reading.

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