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I Never Knew My Girlfriend I Dated For 3 Years Had Died Long Before I Even Met Her (Fiction)

The discovery that the girl I had been dating for three years had died before I even knew her was an incredible experience. For many years, Samuel, as I am known, was looking for love. I prayed and wished to find a girl who would love me unconditionally.

I lived in my own house because I wanted to date before getting married, and one Saturday morning, after returning from a meeting, I saw a lady who looked like an angel and had sparkling eyes; I stopped to ask her name, and she told me Kate; Kate was indeed beautiful, and I felt compelled to be with her right away.

So we exchanged numbers and began meeting; I took her to my home, she showed me love, and I told myself that I had found a woman; she was always there for me, but one strange thing about her is that she rarely goes out with me; I never understood why; little did I know she had died long before I met her.

I introduced her to my family members, and our love grew stronger. After two years, we decided on names for our children and how many we would have. We had a good time together, and I still wish she wasn't the person she was. I met a male friend one day, after 3 years and 4 months of dating her, and he introduced me to a new company, so I decided to invite him to breakfast, while instructing my girlfriend to prepare a meal.

On that day, when my friend Michael arrived, he sat in the sitting room while I called my girlfriend to bring our meal; when she emerged, I witnessed the unbelievable: my girlfriend saw Michael, as he glared at her and shouted Jesus, and the plate and food she was carrying dropped straight to the ground;

she ran into the kitchen, and I never saw her again; I searched the entire kitchen for hours like I was searching for her; I searched the entire kitchen like I was looking for her; I searched I collapsed and sobbed because I had never realized I had been with her for three years. I wondered aloud how many times I might have dated a ghost.

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