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5 things that make girls feel interested in a guy(Read More)

1. Take good care of yourself: the way you look can make a lady start having feelings for you, so as a guy always take good of yourself that's important. Buy good clothes, barb your hair, smell nice all this alone can make a lady to start feeling your vibes. 

2. Be nice to people: normally as a human being we have to be nice to everyone, both male and female. As a guy being friendly and cool alone can attract women to you, tho some women like man who are hard but don't worry others will galdy come to you, and be happy for having someone like you in their lifes. 

3. Be humorous: also girls love guys who has sense or humor , you will notice that if you are with yiur fellow guys and you have that sense of humor you will notice that all the lady eyes will be on you. 

4. Be a little mysterious: once ladys starts seeing things in you that can impress them, you will notice that they will start coming close to you. 

5. Be generous: As a guy once you are a giver only that can attract woman to you, even tho you friendly and you don't give it won't create good impression, so be a giver it attracts and creates good record, so once you have or you in that position to help give out. 

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