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"I used to wake up by 12am thrice in a week to pray for my man but he married another" -Lady laments

A lady on social media has opened up about her past relationship and advises women on relationship matters. Most times, people That seek true love most often fall in the wrong hands. We know nowadays it's hard to meet people that are loyal to their partners. In Ghana, we believe one of the Characteristics to keep a man is good character. A lady may possess other attributes, But peace of mind is what every man seeks before getting married to any woman. 

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This lady claims that she wakes up three times before dawn to pray for her man. She was hoping she would have ended up with him. She was saddened by disappointment she got from the man, she said that she wakes up every night by 12 a.m. and pray for him 3 times before morning Only for him to leave her to marry another woman. 

I don't know what made this man to leave this good woman to marry another woman. Could it be her character, could it be the woman was not giving him peace of mind. There are other categories to consider here, yes, she prayed for him quite alright. Well as a man if This woman happens to be your woman she wakes up every night to pray for you would you leave her for another woman.

 Then As a lady would you wake up every night to pray for your man and how would you react if he leaves you for another woman.

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