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If You Notice This Signs From Your Boyfriend Then It Means He Is Cheating On You

(1) When he start complaining his phone is not properly good your conversation with him and you asked why his phone off nowadays, continues explanation like bae 💞 my phone battery is not working properly or his battery is low. Also when you ask him why his phone not reachable nowadays,he give a simple answer like his network is something not fit in some places. Again, for you to know reality of him either he still loves you or not, you must turn off your phone too.

(2) He is not visiting you anymore.incase this happen regularly in your relationship, throw back in your previous when started your relationship,he was capable to visit throughout the week but now just twice in the week is difficult for him. Again please my lovely sisters don't be fool over him just limit love ❤️ from him or approach him about how your feelings with him now on what he is doing.

(3) He resist your miles is very important to know that if this regularly occur,it implies your lover 💘 have a new crush who sometimes feed him thus why he is not eating your miles anymore. Furthermore,be relevant to express him without him you will sustain in a good condition than wasting your time on him until breakup 💔 that may lead to brokenheart .

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