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Why you must give space in a relationship

Greetings everyone! I am back again with another interesting article, I would love us to have a look at. One might ask; is it right to give space in a relationship? My answer is yes. Why? Giving space in a relationship is something that one way or another, you would have to experience it and when doing so, you must be at peace with it, without any fear of doubt. When understood and communicated effectively, it does lead to a successful and healthy relationship. 

Still having doubts? Here are some reasons I have laid out below;

1. There are other aspect of life that must be explored on your own:

The first thing you have to do before venturing into a relationship is to love yourself. That’s the best love you should prioritize. It is true that love can make us go wild and all out but you cannot always live your life, under the fingertips of your partner. Life has so much to offer than just being in a relationship and breathing the same air as your significant other. Don’t let your daily activities be placed to a halt and forget who you truly are and what you love to do. Explore new things on your own and that’s okay. You get to discover other parts of yourself that you never even knew. 

2. You learn to be with other people aside your partner:

When you both have a breathing space, you have time for other people in your life who also matter. Sometimes when we get to the stage where our partners are all we can think about, we tend to forgo the ones who have been there even before you met your partner. You should never find yourself in such a circumstance. Go out clubbing with the guys and dress up for parties with your girls. Have fun with your friends and not once should you doubt the love your partner has for you whiles they are out there.

3. Your partner has different priorities that must be respected:

Before you both became a couple, there were hobbies and interests they loved and would continue to do so, and for that space do play an important role here. Never find yourself trying to fit in what he likes when you are uncomfortable doing so. Makes you look so desperate to be loved. When you learn to respect your partner’s other priorities, your relationship would definitely blossom, with a stronger connection than expected.

4. Your relationship doesn’t end up being toxic:

Imagine yourself having to see your partner every single day. No there is nothing wrong with it. I have heard people say that men do not stay in a relationship with a woman for so long. That’s not true. Unless the person had no interest in being with you before and it was always one-sided. If that’s not the case, if your partner truly loves you, don’t always be clingy. Seeing the same person over and over again makes them want to see other women, and then society classifies that as ‘cheating’. Give space to each other and get back even stronger. 

 Thank you for reading. Hope you you learnt something new.  

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