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Subtle signs the relationship is becoming toxic.

People these days throw the word 'toxic' around very loosely, so much so that mostly people that have physically abusive partners are the ones deemed to be in such relationships. That's obviously not the case, toxic traits come in various ways,whether mild or not and is very detrimental to the person on the receiving end. With that established, here's some traits to let you know if the relationship is turning toxic ;

1.Manipulation;In the sense that one of you always want to have your way and don't care whether it affects your partner negatively or not.A manipulator will use foul means to achieve an end,irrespective of the others opinion, whether rational or not.

2.Controlling behaviors;You want to know every single detail of where or what your partner is doing. There's no wrong in wanting to be updated with his or her life,but when they don't have breathing space from you, it turns into controlling. If you trust them enough, you should allow them to make decisions and do stuff on their own.

3.Narcisism; Only caring about your wellbeing, nothing else.Of course as a person, you should put yourself first in certain situations, but it becomes narcissistic if one of you just takes in the relationship and gives nothing.

A relationship is supposed to be a combination of love,effort and mutual respect two people have for each other, not just one.

There's a lot of other toxic traits, but these are the more common ones, let me know if you want me to make another list in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading.


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