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I stopped wearing these after noticing this- Stop wearing these outfits if you are not gay

Gay are disgusting and disgraceful people. My believe is that, we should respect people's views and interest but for the fact that someone chooses to be gay, I can't respect such interest. Such person is a freak, abnormal, insane or possessed.

Sometimes we ought to be real, if someone is A we should be bold enough to say so, whiles big butts are there they (gays) choose hard butts, just imagine. I know the gays would criticize and insult me but I don't give a hoot about that. Who is with me?

We should catch these people and punish them severely because not only they are ruining our country and influencing the youths negatively but they are also doing things God detest.

However, I hope and know most of us aren't gay but there are some types of outfits that gays wear and I guess you have no idea of, I in particular stopped wearing those outfits after noticing.

I present to you some outfits which gays were which I recommend you stop wearing them if you are not gay;

Gays likes wearing colourful and short outfits. They wear short nickas as it will expose their thighs and seduce. They also like wearing fittings for people to notice their butt, also for seduction.

I made thorough research on this because I first didn't believe because short nickas looks good especially with socks and sneakers attached but such outfits belongs to the gays as they wears such.

Because of them I have to stop wearing shorts that will expose my thighs because I don't want to have something I common with them, I really despise them. That isn't a big deal though because there a lots of outfits to wear.

What are your thoughts and say in this?

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