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2 Lessons To Learn From The Lady Who Fell In Love With A Kidnapper Because He Gives Her Money

Love and money are two words that go hand in hand and each contributes to the success or death of the other. From the start there is a purpose in every relationship and the most important thing is money. When there is a relationship between two people, it has a purpose. Both won one thing or the other from each other. This can be friendship, trust, companionship, guidance, and financial or emotional support.

Money is defined as an important factor in any relationship because there are many people who fall in love because of money. Recently, a Nigerian woman who was arrested by police in Kaduna state announced that she had fallen in love with a kidnapper because the kidnapper had given her a large sum of money to fulfill her financial needs. According to the Sun newspaper, the woman, identified only as Aisha, marched into the Abuja police station yesterday.

He told police he was with his girlfriend, whom he met over the phone through one of his brothers about a year ago. However, she started sending weapons to him just six months before he was arrested by the police. Aisha is arrested with her boyfriend Hafsat, who falls in love with another kidnapper for the same reason.

There are two important lessons we can learn from this woman. First, money should not be a priority in our relationship because sometimes we can end up with the wrong person if we only care about our partner's financial situation.

Second, we should not get carried away by our love for someone. If they do something wrong, we should try to fix it right. Relationships are about helping each other. Seeing our partner do the wrong thing without correcting them is not love.

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