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Too Sad: Soldier shoots Girlfriend to Death for Refusing to Marry Him after Sponsoring Her Studies.

A military man has ended the life of his ex-girlfriend by shooting her following a rejection by the girl not to marry him. This is a prevalent case in our everyday life. Not the shooting part. No. the taking care of a lady part where the guy gets dumped.

This has landed one military man in trouble after he spent all his time and money on a lady only for the lady and her family to reject him mercilessly.  

Apparently, the lady convinced the Military man that she is a virgin which informed the military man to take care of her to marry her after she completes her studies.

According to deep throat sources known by, the love for the girl grew astronomically to the point where the military man even handed his ATM card to this lady who will eventually dump him. This is very scary. The kind of love that we only see in movies.

The love story and the sponsoring happened for a period of four years and to the point where the military man wanted to take the relationship to the next level, the lady rejected him.

Sadly, with lack of option in this dire emotional challenge for the military man, it resulted in him using what he knows best- the gun for the heavy rejection that was slapped him in his face.

According to the narrator, the mother of the lady did not play any role to ensure that her daughter will be grateful. Now it has ended in premium tears for her as well.


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Too Sad


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