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I Don’t Mind Going Back to Jail; Father-in-Law Threatens the Man About to Marry His Daughter.

This world is full of information and affections. Some people have a severe love for their loved ones and they wouldn’t settle for anything mediocre for people they care about. This cuts across all types of relationships. Some will die for their spouses, others will die for their parents, siblings or his belief.  However, this man right here has shown that he has draconian love for her daughter.

He has herein listed thee things he would need to see in a man before he offers his daughter’s hand in marriage. As it has become very clear lately, most guys have grown the habit of taking ladies for granted. Immediately they marry the ladies, they act as though they have bought them. They molest, abuse and sometimes subject them to dire situations that make the woman emotionally, physiologically and psychologically disdain.

Hilariously, this man says he is ready to go to jail, among other life-threatening things he is ready to do to show the man that he loves his daughter a lot. He also informed the man that he (father-in-law) is everywhere and that he doesn’t like the man. Well, read for yourself and have some good laugh today:





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