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My Boyfriend Beats Me For Every Small Mistake But Says He's Testing Me - Lady Shares Story

Physical assaults against women in supposed romantic relationships and marriages are not matters to be tolerated and the law makes sure of this.

However, most of these assaults go unpunished because the victim fails to report the cases for the obvious reason that they are in love with a tyrant.

The culprits, therefore, feel safe and unafraid to keep abusing their victims because they know that there would be no consequences.

A lady who has endured many months of physical abuse shared her story of abuse and the reason why the man supposed to be her lover assaults her.

She explained that her man enjoys beating her up because the man claims he's testing her. She shared her story on Facebook asking for advice from the many users of the platform.

Many social media users believed and advised that the lady is crazily in love with a bad man and the man is simply taking advantage of the woman. They advised that the woman should leave him to save her life. 

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