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OPINION: Stop bathing with your husband or wife. Here are three reasons why I think you should stop

One of the most exciting union in existence is marriage. It is almost as sweet as new wine (not in the literal sense though). Romance happens to be the main element of virtually every single happy marriage out there. The demand for romantic spouses, husband or wife, is so high these days. I don't think anybody would want to be married to an domineering man who doesn't listen at all or an overly submissive wife who is no fun at all.

Romance, in marriage, comes in so many forms. Some examples of room activities in marriage include but is not limited to; pillow fighting, watching romantic movies, going out to eat and so on and so forth. One of these romantic activities, which I should have mentioned earlier but didn't, is bathing together. It is romantic, no argument.

Like I said earlier, bathing with husband is really romantic but the fact that it is a bit creepy might not occur to many. You see, humans, even though are social creatures, are also creatures that adore privacy. Bathing together is not privacy in my opinion.

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Here are my reasons why you should not bathe with your wife or husband:

1. You are invading someone else's privacy:

Every one needs a little bit of space, even married couples. And guess what, the place where married men or women get privacy the most is in the bathroom when they go to bathe. During this little time, they can enjoy thinking deeply about themselves and stuffs like that.

It would be cruel (sorry to say) of you to steal this little time by insisting on bathing with your spouse.

2. You would lose you sensual touch:

Doesn't this sound ironic in a surprising kind of way? Usually, bathing together with your spouse is supposed to give you guys some space to do your marital duties. However, bathing together can actually do the opposite.

Human beings tend to lose interest in anything that is readily available to them. Let me expatiate by using an example:

Imagine you like watching a particular Hollywood movie. Let us call the movie: Wanted. Let us say you watch Wanted two days ago, yesterday you want it as well then today you watch it again. There is no way you would enjoy the movie today like you did two days ago. Now, apply that to what I was saying. Does it not tell you something?

3. Why bathe when it is not convenient?

What is the point of bathing together if you are just going to bathe again. Listen, your wife cannot help you scrub all your body parts. It is unlikely you would be able to scrub your body well in the presence of your wife or husband. This usually mean you would need to go back to the bathroom afterwards to wash again. It sounds pointless, doesn't it?

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