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5 Wedding Reception Mistakes Brides Do

Aside the wedding officiating by the Reverend minister at the church, the bridal gown and the groom's suit to wear, one of the most important thing the bride think about is how her reception party will go.

They therefore pay a lot for the reception decorations and the food and drinks to serve. And in our days the buffet service, the varieties of both local and foreign drinks, the grilling sections are all paid for to make the reception a talk about.

 This is the time they have unwind and let loose; all of the planning and worry that has paid off enjoy themselves with some delicious food and drinks

But they end up making these 5 mistakes that they later regret a lot.

1. Not eating anything

Most of the time because of the joy of seeing a wedding ring on her finger the first time, seeing friends and families gathered in their beautiful costumes all because of her ceremony makes her loose appetite. So they end up not eating anything at all at the reception that they paid a lot of money for. 

Meanwhile it this time they have to out off all worries and enjoy themselves with the good food and drinks they've paid for. But most brides don't normally eat anything or eat small and sometimes it gives them stomachache at their honeymoon.

2. They don't choreograph the entrance dance

These days wedding reception is full of fun and the most beauty of this period is where the bride and the groom enters the receipt ion with choreography. 

But sometimes because of the kind of personalities that are invited to the wedding, the focus of the bride goes to them. They go round saying hi to them asking them if they've been served and they even end up not doing their entrance dance with the groom to grace the occasion.

3. Not hiring a professional photographer

Most of the time instead of the bride and groom to hire the service of a professional photographer, either a family member or a friend of the bride will come in to convince the bride they have a nice camera and will help with the photography to help avoid paying a lot for photography.

The bride therefore accepts it and by the time they are done with the celebrations and need their pictures, that is the time they then see either the pictures look dark, don't look straight or didn't come up well at all.

So after the ceremony they have no proper pictures to show up or post on their social media platforms.

4. Not hiring the service of a good MC

At a beautiful wedding ceremony, the presence of a professional Master of Ceremony (MC) is needed to make the program a success. But most times either they ask an eloquent brother of theirs or their church MC to do it and they end up messing up the reception.

5. By not planning for their exit

One other beauty of the wedding reception aside the way brides do their entrance is also how they exit. But if the Bride don't hire a good MC, they end up not having the skills to use during the exit. And before they realize instead of them living the reception for guests to follow up, the guests rather lives living the bride and groom behind.

These are the five mistakes that brides do that they really regret.

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