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Secret Guide: How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams Quickly

Getting a girlfriend shouldn't be that difficult. You can achieve this by following these seven steps:

1. It all starts with you

Before thinking about getting a girlfriend, you have to mature and have confidence in yourself. So, start to mature and build your image to become the man you want her to see. Here are some things to help you do it:

Practice your passion. What do you like to do? Whatever it is, keep doing it and try to improve. When you have fun and are focused on something that you are passionate about, you become 10 times more attractive, seriously.

Live life and enrich it. Doing the things you like, such as traveling, will provide you with contact with other cultures and your life will be enriched. By experiencing things in the first person you will have more cultural baggage and more stories to tell, which will make you more attractive in the eyes of women.

2. Go out to meet girls.

The next thing you have to do is get out of your house. Obviously, if you want to get a girlfriend, you won't find her within the four walls of your apartment. Go where the girls are.

Pay attention to the places they go. Yes, there are girls everywhere, but you need to make a list of where to find them. Take a look at this section of our article .

Expand your network of contacts. Meeting new people at social events and meetings expands your network of contacts. Join a gym or classes that have to do with what you like. You could also change the places you go to regularly for others. For example, if you always go to the same bakery, try going to another. You could also try singles travel or just traveling solo. Both possibilities will allow you to meet people.

Always be prepared. No matter where you are or what you are doing, make sure you are always ready to flirt. That means putting on a monkey every time you leave the house. Don't be shy or avert your gaze when a woman shows interest to you. Say your name and prepare for a bit of inconsequential conversation. Life is full of surprises and you do not know where or when it will make you cross paths with your soulmate.

3. Choose your goal.

As if you were a sniper, the trick to hitting is identifying your target. Now your approach will depend on the situation and where you are.

For example, if you are in a bar, you could buy her a drink. If you see them in the park, during your running session, you can start a small conversation about the weather or the advantages of playing sports outdoors. If you know her from class, make a comment about how that class is going. And if you've met her online, wait to find out more about her before asking her out on a date.

But no matter where you are, once you've seen a woman you like, put your heart on it and start a conversation. Here are some tips on how to be prepared in these types of situations:

Practice talking to women. Talk to a lot of girls before launching into the one you like. This way, when the time comes, you won't be so nervous anymore. Have some pickup lines ready. They are good for starting a conversation and introducing yourself. Mentally prepare some conversation topics. Sometimes you will come across women who are not good at small talk either, so you better train yourself to lead the conversation. You can ask her if she has done anything interesting lately or just how her day has been.

Do not stay without saying anything. Learn to listen to what she is saying and comment or give your opinions when she pauses. Be inquisitive and interested in what they are saying by asking appropriate questions.

4. Get the appointment.

Now you have talked to that woman you would like to date. If you've felt connected, you could tell her you'd like to see her again and ask for her number. If he gives it to you, you can send him a message that night, or the next day. Just ask her how she's doing so you can start a 'message buddy' relationship first.

Later, when he already knows you a little more and you have gained his trust, ask him out on a date. You can simply ask him if he has any plans for that day. You can do it by message, if you have met somewhere, by chance, or face to face if it is someone you see with some regularity (in class, in the gym, at work, etc.).

Plan the appointment. The date you prepare will depend on the interests of the woman you want to date. By now, she will have told you things about herself. It is impossible that you do not know anything about his life, unless you have not paid any attention.

Don't take rejection too seriously. If a woman is interested in you and is not available for the day you suggest, she will propose another. But if he says directly no to you, you should respect him. Of course, if you like him a lot, stay in the area and show him that you are a good boy and have good intentions. Maybe you end up being the one who asks you for a date in the future.

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