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First Love Can’t Be Easily Forgotten

A short story

I stormed out of the luxurious house and loitered on the compound. I was sweating so profusely and my temperature had already risen. In fact, I couldn't understand why I felt so powerless anytime his thoughts came to mind. It looked as if I was under some kind of spell. I was just so lucky that, mummy and sissy were fast asleep, else they would have bombarded me with so many unnecessary questions I wouldn't like to answer. He was such a jerk. How could he just shove me off like that? I always thought he loved me so much and always dreamt about our wedding day. But I was wrong, it ended in tears . He gave my girlfriends a reason to mock me. What the hell!

Martino was such a great guy. I remember I met him when I was only sixteen. We met by accident on my way to a coffee shop with my girlfriends, Susan and Lucy. He was so busy with his phone that he hardly realized he had bumped into me. Damn, I was so enraged that I nearly kicked him in the balls. The moment I made an attempt, we locked eyes and all I could see were deep blue eyes stirring at me. I will admit those eyes were the cutest and most beautiful I had ever seen. All my anger melted away into thin air till I could feel it no more. He introduced himself to me with the sexiest tone I've ever heard. He was damn cute from head to toe. I felt in love with him right at that spot. He was too handsome to be ignored. His blonde hair, his height, his muscles, his complexionand everything about him was beyond perfection.

He was my first love. Yes, Martino was my first love. I still remember clearly the day and hour he kissed me. Oh yeah, it happened on 6th July 2018, exactly 6pm. He kissed me on my birthday as one of his birthday packages for me. That kiss was my first kiss and it was so passionate that it brought sparks to my body. This guy was indeed my weakness.

Our holidays and vacations were always lit. We used to pick locations across the world only to have fun. Anyway, they were decent fun. We went horse riding, biking, hiked badger mountains and a whole lot. With Martino, my vacations were never boring. We spent one of our vacations at Atana hotel which is one of the prestigious hotels in Dubai. I don't know how to describe the fun we had there. Everything about Atana hotel was just splendid. Though we spent the night together, trust me, we didn't do anything naughty. We watched movies together, ate together, exercised together, went shopping together and did many more things together. No wonder I can't forget about him. It's like he was a part of my entire life.

I was age eighteen when I started planning our wedding. I thought I found my soulmate and all I could think of was my wedding day. I pictured myself in a flawless mermaid wedding gown with celestial sparkles. I always had the feeling I'll be the most beautiful bride ever and my wedding was going to be the most expensive. I agree I was too hopeful about our relationship but that was because he gave me reasons to be. He always showered me with love and he was always there for me just when I needed him. 

We broke up some months ago. That dude dumped me for a blonde girl. How could he? Sometimes I wonder why life was so unfair. I can't remember if I ever hurt him. If he wanted a blonde girl, why didn't he just go for her but instead, played with my feelings? I took every inch of our relationship so so soserious only for him to break my heart this way. I just blame myself for the utmost confidence I had in him. Ever since he told me about that blonde girl, all I felt for him was hatred and he sincerely deserved more than that. He had the guts to look into my face and courageously tell me how much he loved the other girl. Later on, I heard he was influenced by his mom to dump me and go for the blonde girl because her parents were wealthier than mine. All this while, I never knew his parents disliked me and all they wanted for their son was a filthily rich daughter-in-law. Though it was partly his mom's fault, I still can't forgive him because he could have fought for what he wanted if he truly loved me. He's a real jerk and perhaps, a son of a bitch.

All the same, I still can't forget totally about him maybe because I still love him. He's still my first love. First loves can't be easily forgotten.

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