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How to Pamper your partner in a relationship

On the 25th of April, 2021 on the popular TV show, Date Rush, the host Giovanni Caleb asked the ten female contestants how they want to be pampered.

Their answers ranged from getting a massage to going on vacation. I had a good laugh there actually. So I thought to do a write up on what pampering your partner can mean.

Nothing can ruin a relationship faster than being taken for granted. Pampering your partner will let them know how much you value them in your life and will undoubtedly improve your relationship. Make him/her feel like a king or queen for a day (or several) with one of these pampering ideas

This can work for married couples and people who are dating, it does not have to be an anniversary before you pamper your partner.

Both men and women want to be pampered no matter what they say so once in a while you can surprise your partner by cooking breakfast in bed or sending chocolates even if it is not Valentine's day.


Simple gestures like initiating a kiss: Men believe that they should be initiators of any intimate situations, however, you can surprise your man by giving him a kiss on the lips or a soft kiss on the cheek, forehead or neck. This shows that you have him in mind and you would be surprised at what you can gain.

Writing sweet notes or sticky notes in his space: In every relationship everyone demands space once in a while, however, you can write sweet notes such as "I love you" , "You are the best" etc and keep it in his wallet, stick to the bathroom mirror or send him the text message.

Give him a massage: If your man comes home stressed from work and you are more relaxed why not give him a massage. A head massage to soothe his headache, a back and shoulder massage to soothe the tension in his body. This can make him feel more relaxed and pampered as well as reflect your love and affection for him.

Buy him unexpected gifts: He might have wanted to buy something but for some reasons he has been unable to get it himself, you can surprise him with that item. As long as you can afford to buy it why not?


Cuddle her: Women generally love to be cuddled and told sweet words once in a while. If you have a movie night you can just cuddle, tell her how much she means to you and kiss her softly without sexual intent. It would make her feel loved and appreciated. She would also know you are not with her just to fulfill your sexual desires.

Give her a massage: Clearly, not everyone has the time to go to the spa to get a massage, you might not be a massage therapist, however, when she is stressed and you can feel the tension in her body, kindly tell her to relax and give her a massage, either her back, shoulders or feet whiles playing some soothing song. Your partner is sure to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Make her breakfast in bed: If your partner normally makes you breakfast before work. You can take the initiative of making her breakfast and serving it in bed or just making the breakfast for her would be enough. She would be surprised and would make you know that you are the best man in the whole wide world. Now who doesn't want to be treated as a king.

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