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Dating Romantic

Tricks to make her want you more(opinion)

Men have lost self-love and have become slaves to women. You may have been single for years as a guy and find yourself asking how your buddies got to where they are. You could be wasting your mornings, weekends, and even your pleasure time alone.Your colleagues, on the other hand, are dating and enjoying a nice time. This will lead you to be nervous for your own safety. The issue isn't with you; it's with your decisions and how you treat the women around you. Simply do the following for her

Allow the woman to speak more freely as you listen. A conversation in which there is a lot of female chat would stand out the most. Allowing her to speak would make her feel adored and valued. She would never condemn you if she knows you are a decent guy who gives her time to express herself. Some men have a natural propensity to chat. Please stay away from it. Ladies like having their ears listened to, and she will never be bored.

Allow her to be the winner in debates. You may have disagreements now and then, but let her lead the way. Winning is exhausting if you do so all the time. Enable her to win because they think she was born a loser. These men are appealing to women and fun to hang out with. A man who would let the woman prevail is, by definition, a man who cares for and trusts a woman's view. Don't be too passive in your interactions.

Touch her hair every now and then. Women have a hair mystery that they will never disclose. It has a mystical feel about it. Men of the western world are oblivious to this. As a man, you'll find that touching a woman's face makes her feel uneasy more than touching her hair. If you like playing with her hair, you can be sure she would love you.

Try to be romantic.This is shown by expressing concern. Being romantic entails a lot of small, almost meaningless items that add up to a lot. Do her favors, and that's what every woman wants in a relationship. Many women prefer a loving man to a wealthy man. Caring entails doing something for her.

If you're talking to a woman, make sure you're staring her in the eyes. This will assist you in determining her self-assurance. When you're with another girl, don't use your cell. This is the most successful method that men have used to attract the women in their dreams. I appreciate how difficult it is to look at the eyes of those of the same gender. It would, in effect, support you in the long run. You are naive, nervous, fragile, or even weird if you are looking somewhere else.

Once in awhile find any water body be it lake, lagoon,beach and send her for a walk .

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