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How To Prevent Your Relationship From Becoming Toxic

A healthy relationship will always influence your overall well being. However, couples sometimes get hooked and become trapped in a negative web that is difficult to get out of. For this reason, we offer you some tips that will allow you to better manage your relationship and prevent it from becoming toxic:

1. Be authentic.

A healthy relationship demands that you can be yourself and that your partner accepts you. If your partner constantly reproaches, corrects your way of being or how you act, it could be harmful to you and the relationship.

2. Promote your development and that of your partner.

Healthy relationships always support the development and well-being of the other, help to grow and expand. If one of the parties is the main brake of the other, egoism is predominant.

3. Promote respect.

Mutually respecting space and privacy is essential in a relationship. If one or both of them invade the space of the other, want to know everything, and even restrict the friendships or activities of the other, they generate damage in the relationship.

4. Eradicate abuse.

Insults or slights, both in public and in private, have nothing to do with love. Part of you knows that it is a toxic relationship, but if you keep quiet and accept each insult it is a clear sign of the control it has over you.

5. Avoid badmouthing your partner's family and friends.

You cannot exercise power over your partner's social environment by influencing the decisions you make towards them, with the aim of distancing her from everyone.

6. Avoid imposing your ways of thinking and your decisions

Imposing that you are always right and that your partner is the wrong one is one of the most obvious characteristics of a toxic relationship. Eradicate absolute words like "always", "never" or "everything" in front of your partner.

7. Identify your or your partner's toxic behaviors.

Recognize and accept when you are in a toxic relationship, breaking the self-deception and be open to the opinions and perceptions of friends and family.

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