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4 Important things men do before they propose to a lady

When a man's love for you grows to the extent whereby he decides to marry you after accepting that you are the woman that he needs to settle down with in his life, the next thing he does is to propose to you. But before a man propose to you as a lady, he has to do thorough considerations before making a decision, and the most important ones we will be discussion below.

Before proposing, of men do the following:

1. Talk to their parents and relatives

Men open up about their plans and intentions to get married to close friends and family members so as to get their opinion also. They also do this to get parents' approval and advice regarding their choice of lady.

2. Ascertain whether she needs a ring

A man would indirectly ask if you would wear a ring in your conversations. 

He will then find the right ring size and keep it safely in a ring box until the day that he decides that it's the best moment to propose to you.

3. Examine the rightful or important things 

This has to do with planning his best proposal message to a lady, the right time to get it done and the exact place that would fit for the event to happen. He always wants to make it a special one since its going to be an unforgettable day.

4. Budgeting

A man will also compute the expected cost of everything needed, the cost of the engagement ring, food and other expenses that might be incurred during the event.

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