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Absurd National Service List Of Playgirl Leaks. Some Men Are Really Suffering

Many men have the perception that they are the main men behind the ladies they admire most but sadly, they have been wrong all the time. They are no where near getting to marry these ladies. I equate their thoughts about being with these ladies to illusions. They are just going to vanish in a matter of time.

A wise man once said, "marry a woman who loves you dearly and not a woman you love". Well, that statement has been always true but there is a code which needs to be deciphered regarding such a statement. How do you even know that a woman dearly loves you? How do you know that she is not playing you like a footballer? How do you know that you are not on the list of the men she extracts money from? These are questions whose answers seem difficult to come by.

Many men have fallen victims to ladies who never loved them but were after their monies and other material benefits. Mostly, some feel the giddiness about how unauthentic their relationships are but leaving becomes difficult when they realize the amount of money they have spent on the ladies. This is very disheartening for men. Love can sometimes hurt.

This article is going to talk about the list of items to be obtained by a certain lady which just got leaked this morning.

This lady is probably in her final years of the University and has seen where she is going to carry out her national service. Well, she made a list of items which needs to be obtained and astonishingly, she had no money to back them up. She had used different men as her budget to gaining those items.

I am sure these men are sitting somewhere thinking they have found the love of their lives. Well, they may be dating her but she is never dating them. She sees them as helpers and will leave them once she gets to a higher ground. Let's take a look at her list below

1. You get to see that amongst all the guys she is depending on for help, there is a sugar daddy who is probably paying the lion's share. He has left his family to cater for a young lady just because the lady will give him bedroom satisfaction, how pathetic.

2. Peter is a driver who is supposed to take this lady around but surprisingly, his roles are not only limited to driving. He is supposed to get her a burner, rice cooker and provisions. This shows that there is more to him driving

3. John is really going to suffer getting to see the things he's obliged to get for our lady over here. She calls him, "John my banker". Indeed, John is doing the most.

4. She probably met Stephen in the hospital and Stephen decided to gain interest in her only to get billed.

5. Kofi is likely to be the chosen one from the look of things but still he managed to find his name on the list.

6. The only names which makes meaning upon appearing on the list was "Mum and Dad" because they are the ones supposed to take care of all these.

Men, please shine your eyes. You might be paying but her love for you might be null. Imagine going to borrow money just to get a lady satisfied only to find out that you have never been in her thoughts. Don't do a cos 90 job!!!

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