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"Seducing Tricks" - 3 Clever Ways To Win A Man's Heart Without Sleeping With Him

Winning a man's heart without sleeping with him is something most women finds it actually impossible to happen. Men are special beings that you have to take practical steps to win his heart without him having an intention of sleeping with you. Well, I know what it would be very difficult but trust me, you can mortify yourself and stand against all odds to make him fall for you completely.

There's no shame admitting you cannot win his heart and you definitely need some help to become the woman of the moment. Whiles most guys try to have their ways with you, try to also play the cards well by winning the game genuinely without having to sleep with him.

1. Encourage Him To Do The Impossible

This is trick is one missile most women fail to realize. You can make her fall for you if you keep encouraging him to take risk and do the impossible. Guys needs women who are beyond comparison and you have to prove yourself as one. Make him feel he has the opportunities to make him a better person if he utilizes the resources around.

2. Reveal A Secret To Him

That's pretty much tricky when you reveal a secret to him. That means, you have touch his soft spot as would see you as gold and never wants to leave you for another. That would clear up his intentions of having his way with you but see you as his saviour. Most women don't see this as much important but guys sees it as a weakness. Make sure whatever you tell him is the truth and nothing but the truth.

3. Cook For Him

It is always said that the way to a man's heart is through the stomach. Let him have the impression of him been very lucky to have you as a girlfriend. Surprise him with dishes he never asked for and endeavor to cook for him with your own money unless otherwise.

Thanks for reading. Please follow me for more updates on relationship life.

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