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Appearance Is Deceptive: My Beautiful Girlfriend Has Been Wearing The Same Underwear For Four Days

I am going through a really complicated situation right now. I live a very remote area with people hardly come around. Hardly will you see more than twenty people a day. And so as not to feel alone, I invited my girlfriend to come and live with me. She was glad when she heard the news. According to her, it was a new phase of our our relationship. But it seems like I made the worst decision of my whole life. Can you imagine that my girlfriend has been wearing the same pant for 6 days now. 

What hurts me is that this morning, I saw her dressing. As she throw the pant immediately under the bed. Thinking that I did not see what she did, she smiled at me. I ask her what she threw under the bed. She replied me saying that it was her handkerchief. Upon that lame answer, I ask why she would throw the handkerchief away. She tried to avoid the question. I pretended it was no big deal and left the room. Little did she know that I was waiting for her to leave the room so I could go and quench my curiosity.

Earlier did I know is indeed always at last. I was displeased with what I saw. I reluctantly smelled the underside and the smell cause my brain to rotate within its socket. I could not help but wonder why such a nice an beautiful lady will wear that for that long. I thought maybe she did not have enough and I opened the drawer and to my disbelief she actually had two of them including the one she threw under the bed. At the point I remember my mom advice to my sister on the wearing dirty underwear. Almost everyone has an opinion about how many times you can wear pant washing them but four days is not good. 

The elders do say that all that glitters is not gold and this was a true real life scenario of that adage. From her appearance, everyone will want to be with her. She is exceptionally beautiful. Indeed she is one of a kind. No amount of words can explain how elated I was when she accepted my proposal. But after seeing this I can boldly say that the biggest mistake a person can make is by judging a book by its cover. Please share to save other men's lives. Tell men around the world to check the panties of their partners.

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