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Man “Sprays” Girlfriend’s Honeypot With Shisha To “Spice” It Up

Bizarre moment as a man “Sprays” girlfriend’s honeypot with shisha to “Spice” it up. People have increasingly turned social media into a place where they conduct all kinds of strange things. Some do it for the fame, while others do it for the cheap publicity.

A video doing the rounds on social media shows a young man smoking and then opening his woman's legs and pouring the residue within. 

The duo can be seen in the video enjoying a nice time with one other at a pub. The man abruptly took a long shot of the shisha he was smoking, then opened the lady's dress and poured the contents of his lips into her coochie.

The lady, on the other hand, appeared calm and relaxed, as if she was enjoying herself as the smoke of the shisha circulates around her underwear.

This has received a lot of comments as many viewers see it to be funny and while others see it to be worrying too.

Below is a picture of the two and the shear the moment of smoking.

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