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Check out why Poor and Middle-Class Men Easily find Love

Love, they say is the most important aspect of life. So many people yearn to find true love one day. Those that have found that kind of love also hope and pray that it stays forever. Now, a lot of people ask questions about the relationship between love and money. Is there even a relationship between love and money?

This article will tell you whether or not there’s a relationship between love and money and why it should concern you.

The truth of the matter is that; to some extent, there is indeed a relationship between love and money. Just to be clear, just so you get the gist and the words of this article is not mixed – whatever explanations in this article do not apply to everyone. But according to research, it applies to a large number of men. 

Most of the time, especially in our Society men are told to go out, work hard and make lots of money. Once that happens, the women will flood in and they’ll find love. But the question that should be asked is, is this true? Is that really how it works?

Yes! There are a lot of men who follow this advice and then work hard and eventually make so much money that people become envious. But oftentimes, there’s still that one woman who will not give this man a time of the day. There’s that one woman who has never and will never be interested in his wealth. In cases like this, the man becomes disheartened and finds it difficult to move on. When he sits among friends, they tell him to move on after all, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea”. The truth however still stands; he did not get the lady he wanted to get.

Money cannot buy love; below are some of the reasons why money (no matter how much) cannot buy love


The first reason worth mentioning is that as opposed to the rich and wealthy men, most poor and middle-class men are not manipulative. These rich men often feel like they can have any woman as long as they’re financially rich. They feel they cannot manipulate a lady into staying with flashy cars, apartments, phones, etc. So, you find a lot of these men offering luxurious gifts to women in return for some sought of affection from them. Let’s face it, this works on some women but it only works for some time – especially in the first few months or years. After that, the lady might want to leave, and then the man might threaten to take back his cars, apartments, etc. But at some point in time, these ladies realize that there’s more in life than luxury and they often end up cheating on their partners. How many times have we heard of stories like this, where a lady cheats on her rich partner. People often say things like, “Oh! How could she cheat on someone with so much money – she must be senseless”. She cheats because there’s more to life than money.


Another thing to note is that most rich/wealthy men are unfaithful. Just so any part of this article is not misquoted at any point; I’ll like to remind the readers that this does not apply to every rich man, just some of them. According to research, so many rich men feel that they should have multiple partners; after all, they can take care of all of them. They have no qualms spending money on and sleeping around with different women when their wives are at home and with kids sometimes. Sometimes, these men are so lackadaisical about their infidelity that they don’t even care whether their wives find out or not and some even dare to boast about it. Due to the infidelity of these men, their women tend not to trust them. Some good questions one most ask as a rich infidel is “why does my woman keep staying with me, even though she knows I’m being unfaithful to her?” also, “Is it because of my wealth and if so, will she ever leave me if my wealth is gone?”


Lastly, most poor of Middle-class men tend not to go for the prettiest girls in the room or the one who has a better sex appeal. The common mentality here is that the poor and middle-class men feel that they will not have what it takes to take care of an extremely beautiful woman. They feel that eventually, a wealthy man will take their true loves away from them. However, when a poor/middle class loves a woman, he ensures that she’s well taken care of. The woman then becomes his greatest motivation and a cause for him to work harder in life. Because of how rich some men are, they are often not sure of the reason ladies stay around them – they feel the ladies stay just because of their wealth. It is rare to find a middle-class man who is not very sure about his woman’s love and loyalty to him as opposed to a wealthy man. 

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