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No One But God Can Forgive part 1.


This is a must read story.

With their lips secured an enthusiastic kiss, they clutched one another. Outside, it was coming down wildly, an ideal environment for them to perfect their adoration. "Kwame" she murmured. Indeed he reacted without taking his lips of hers. Our promise she reminded him. Indeed. We have… .need to… stick to it" he figured out how to say. With much trouble, they separated, breathing hard. Regina fixed her dress. She felt tacky down there. He excessively felt awkward with his lump. For some time, there was quietness. The solitary sound which could be heard was what was delivered as the downpour hit the material sheets. At long last, the two of them discovered their voice. It won't be simple, Kwame. I love you so much, Regina said. Reggy, I know. Be that as it may, we can make it, he said. Indeed, we can. I need us to. I need you to wed me while I am as yet a virgin, she said. The main thing is for us to simply remain dedicated to one another. Also, I realize that won't be hard for the two of us he said. All things considered, Kwame. Concerning me, I can't see myself with some other man. I can depend on my virginity or by my belly that no man can remove me from you. Truth be told, I won't ever become hopelessly enamored with another man she said, which means each word. I confide in you… You don't need to swear, he answered. 

Much obliged to you, Kwame. I confide in you as well yet at times, I dread you will leave me. There are such countless delightful young ladies around. You have the character that numerous a lady will need. This gets me frightened once in a while that someone will grab you away from me, Regina clarified. Kwame burst out snickering. Taking everything into account, in the event that he doesn't wed Regina, he was not going to wed by any stretch of the imagination. He grasped her hand and advised her so. Out of nowhere, their discourse was hindered by a sharp thump on the entryway. Ok! Who can come thumping on your entryway in such a way in this downpour? Regina logically inquired. Kwame got up to go to the entryway. She kept him down. He comprehended her anxiety; it isn't typical for anyone to stroll through such wild downpour to search for another except if it involved life and demise. Regina! I realize you are there. Somebody saw you come here. Open the entryway now! a voice grated from outside. Ok! That is our landowner! This man once more! Regina bemoaned. What does he need? Kwame asked, dumbfounded. Well Regina moaned My adoration, what does he need? Kwame asked once more. Kwame, we owe him only three months' lease and he would not… . She started. Kwame intruded on her. You owe him and you never advised me? You see he has followed you here even in this climate? he inquired. Be that as it may, Kwame, I can't anticipate that you should thoroughly take care of me. You have accomplished such a great deal and you are as yet accomplishing such a great deal. I needed to… she said however once more, Kwame interfered with her. 

My sweetheart, your issues are mine. I have disclosed to you not to conceal such things from me. Presently, what amount is the three months' lease? he inquired. GH¢75.00 she answered. Kwame left Regina, went to his huge earthy colored pack which was laying on the table in one corner of his room, opened it and took out cash. He checked it. It was GH¢60.00. This is all I have on me; GH¢60.00. Allow us to converse with him to take it and allow us multi week to discover the rest, he said. At that point he strolled towards the primary entryway, with Regina close by. When he opened the entryway, the man remaining on the steps ventured into the hall. He was drenched. 

Anyway, you left an elderly person like me in the downpour for this long, eh? Have you no regard? Indeed, I don't fault you. I have come for my cash, Regina. You realize you owe me three months in lease back payments. In the event that I don't have that cash today, you should take off from my home by close of tomorrow. I have individuals holding back to take over from you" the landowner, an uncovered headed man in his sixties, said. Kwame held out the GH 60 to him. The man smiled as he looked at the cash. At that point he grabbed it from Kwame as though he was apprehensive the more youthful man will alter his perspective. As he checked the cash, he gazed dubiously at Kwame. At the point when he was done, he immediately took it and afterward grinned devilishly. You say multi week. I will pause. Furthermore, begin making plan to pay for the following three months the landowner said. At that point he stomped out of the room into the downpour. What a man! What a property manager Kwame said as he shut the entryway. At the point when he turned, he discovered his sweetheart in tears. What is it, Reggy? You ought to be remembered and grinning as opposed to crying he said. Indeed I know she answered, grasping his hand. I'm sorry I am such a weight on you. I realize you don't have cash. Seeing you give all you have to my landowner harmed me. I'm heartbroken she cried. My dear, I have never grumbled that you are a weight on me. I love you so much and will do anything for you. I'm glad I had the option to help. What we ought to do now is considering how to discover cash to pay the equilibrium to him" he advised her, putting his arm around her as he drove her back to the room. 

After an hour, the downpour halted. It was getting dull. Kwame held Reggy's hand solidly as he drove her back to her home. Relatively few individuals were outside a result of the climate. They picked their means cautiously till they got to Regina's home. Kwame's migraine the following not many days was the way to bring in sufficient cash to pay for the equilibrium of his sweetheart's lease and as the landowner said, pay for the following three months. He used to bring in sufficient cash as a paper merchant yet lately, deals had not been empowering thus his bonus had decreased radically. Life was difficult for him. Having exited from school after class six since he could at this point don't fund his schooling, he had taken to doing random temp jobs to get by until at last, he wound up as a paper seller. He started to procure enough to make a decent living yet his weight multiplied after he met and fell head over heels in love for Regina. She also was a vagrant however not at all like Kwame who lived alone, she lived with her maternal grandma. Her single parent kicked the bucket soon after she finished Junior High School. Left alone to bear the weight of cooking for her, her grandma figured out how to see her through Senior High School. In any case, she performed inadequately in the last tests of the year, neglecting to make it to the college. With no cash to empower her go to therapeutic classes so she could re-sit the last, most important tests, her schooling reached a conclusion. 

For Kwame, that couldn't be the finish of the training of the young lady he adored and who would have been his significant other and the mother of his youngsters. The way that he has been not able to proceed with his schooling didn't mean she also should end hers halfway. He had in this manner guaranteed her he would discover cash to empower her go to healing classes and re-sit the last tests of the year. From that point forward, he had been pursuing simply that, saving step by step. Tragically, he needed to give what he had set aside to pay for Regina's lease overdue debts. Presently, he needed to start from the very beginning once more. That evening, he was unable to rest early; he continued throwing in bed as his psyche worked like a hard worker investigating ways he could bring in sufficient cash to pay for his sweetheart's healing classes and the end of the year tests itself. It was practically 2:30 am the point at which he at long last floated off into rest. At 4:00am, he was up yet waited in bed, thinking. At last, he settled on what to do. As far as he might be concerned, it was the lone way out. Goodness! For what reason didn't I think about this previously? he asked himself. As far as he might be concerned, the arrangement he concoct was practical to the point that he was unable to hold back to start to execute it. He hence began the day upbeat. Regina saw how merry he looked when she went to his papers stand that morning. Would could it be that is making you grin that way? Have you won lotto? she asked, grinning. 

You realize I don't stake lotto, my dear, he answered. I know however I can't explain why you are grinning such a lot of today. What is the uplifting news? Advise me, she said, sitting down he had emptied for her. All things considered, fortunately I have found how to bring in sufficient cash not exclusively to get you school year kickoff and think of you tests yet in addition give you a superior future, he said grinning. She gazed enquiringly at him as though he had said something amusing he didn't get himself. My princess, I have chosen to go to Europe. While I am there, I will bring in sufficient cash for you to go to class, compose tests, set up a house et cetera, he said. Kwame! You will go to Europe? You don't have an identification. The boarding pass to any country in Europe is far over your methods. Also, who is in Europe to welcome you and host you. My dear, it is inconceivable, she said. Kwame snickered as though he had all what it requires to get to Europe. His sweetheart gazed at him. Reggy, I needn't bother with an identification, a visa or cash to get to Europe. I'm going to stowaway. It is dangerous yet I realize I will make it, he said. Regina gazed at her sweetheart, dumfounded! 

Kwame grinned and disclosed to her he comprehended her apprehensions. Trust me I will be protected. I simply need to give you and me and our yet to be conceived youngsters a more agreeable life and future, he clarified. Yet, Regina would not know about it. Interestingly, they had a hot discussion that finished with Regina separating in tears. OK, I will not travel once more. Kindly quiet down, Kwame argued at long last, feeling depleted in light of the fact that he had never been in that degree of contention with Regina previously. The following day, when he referenced the issue once more, Regina separated in tears again, convincing him to end the matter there. The ensuing days saw him attempting to come out with the most ideal approach to persuade his better half about the requirement for him to face the challenge to go to Europe. At long last, he chose to look for the help of Regina's grandma. On a Sunday evening, while Regina was snoozing in his room, he sneaked out of the house to her home to talk about house to her house to discuss the issue with her grandmother, Eno. Eno sat still in her chair and listened to Kwame with rapt attention. When Kwame was done, she got up, walked up to him and congratulated him.

“A man who is not ready to sacrifice anything will not achieve anything. You have shown that you are a man, a true man. As for my granddaughter, leave her for me,” the old lady said.

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