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VIDEO: Lady Captured On Camera Trying To Drug A Guy She Claims To Love But It Turns Out Badly

Your best friend or lover could be your worst enemy tomorrow. There is the need for you to be vigilant and study your partner well. People are full of surprises these days. A curvaceous lady has been captured on camera trying to drug a man she claims to love. One cannot tell what she has against her lover but the initial love being displayed by these guys show that they are really in love.

These guys were captured romancing and dancing with drinks. All of a sudden, the lady smartly drops drugs into the man's glass containing the drink whiles they were dancing. Not knowing the guy has noticed that the lady has dropped something into the drink. The man quickly changes the position of the glasses and his own with the drugs landed on the side of the lady without her notice.

The lady took it and drank it and immediately fell unconscious. One cannot tell whether the drug was meant to kill the guy or made him unconscious. The reaction of the guy in the video shows that he knew the girl is capable of doing something like this to him but he played along nicely with fake love.

You can also watch the video through this link:

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