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How To Sustain A Perfect Relationship

As difficult as it is to be in a relationship, it is equally quite easy to sustain a perfect relationship. Below are a few of the many ways you can keep your relationship running smoothly.

1. Communication: Communication is one of the most important values that binds a good relationship together. It's infact the fundamental frequency that holds the relationship together. Since we as humans can't read each other's minds and hearts, we tend to communicate what we think and feel through words and this helps us keep track of each other's emotional status at anytime.

Communication also helps to solve misunderstandings and fights in a relationship

The second is;

2. Forgiveness: Yes, we would all agree to the fact that as human beings we're bound to make mistakes most of the time. Yes I also understand that some mistakes are very preventable and it really scars your heart when they happen. I understand the emotional turmoil it causes you, especially those who are heavy thinkers, the heart aches you get every night. It is in this space that your love is being tested . Your ability to talk your pain out with your partner and come to an agreement where forgiveness is established is the proof of your love for your partner. The next is;

Commitment; a relationship or marriage is not a 50 / 50 affair

It is you both putting everything you are on the table and try to cope with each other.

You have to be committed regardless. In times of hardship and otherwise, you've got to be by your partners side .

I believe these would go a long way to help you understand what a relationship is about

Marriage is a contract. You'd have to work to keep it running

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